About Us : The Play to Win Mentality

Our Story

Conquest is not defined by WHAT we do, we are defined by WHY we do it.

That WHY is simple: To challenge the status quo and inspire action to becoming the best athlete and human being you can possibly be. We exist because we give an identity to those who want to display what kind of individual they are; a winner. 

We are for the people who understand that being the best requires you to work longer and harder than anybody else to endure the long hard road to becoming a champion. With our current overflow of the soft, delicate snowflake mentality and a constant growth of participation medals and pats on the back for losing, our form of thinking is now considered rare, which is perhaps why success is so hard for people. 

This is why Conquest was created; to provide an identity for those with the mentality to Play To Win and dominate on and off the ice. In a society overwhelmed with an acceptance of averageness and a need for things to be "fair", we're here to remind you that this form of thinking is unacceptable if you aspire to do great things. We're a brand for those who represent what it means to be a champion, and aren't concerned with fitting into the classic hockey stereotypes that overwhelm the industry. By wearing the Conquest badge you’re letting everyone know what kind of person you are; someone who isn’t here for second place medals or participation ribbons. You give all of your heart, mind, and body to becoming better than you were yesterday. By wearing Conquest people will know you love to win, and never settle.


Our Mission is to challenge the status quo and inspire people to take action to be the best athlete they can be on and off the ice. Looking good in premium, subtle and simple threads allows you to rep your identity as a champion in style. 


Our Vision is to become the leader in hockey sportswear and the face of winning. The #PlayToWinMovement pushes back against the current ideal of accepting losing and being content with averageness. We're here to create a culture and community where people can understand what it really takes to make it and help instil a work ethic and mindset to #PlayToWin and be the best. It's time to push back against mediocrity. 


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