Top 4 Hockey Development Pages You Need to be Following

Becoming great is an ongoing battle. You need to be dedicated to the game in all aspects. Here's a list of our favorite hockey pages and camps to help take your skills to the next level. 


#4 : @RhaHockey

Based out of Toronto, RHA is a hockey skills development academy, built on pro players experiences. They utilize the best equipment to deliver unique and professional training pushing their athletes to the next level. The Instagram page is loaded with instructional videos that cover all the bases from fundamental skating techniques, to elite level stick-handling drills. Looking forward to more content from these guys. Lots of potential here.

#3 : @DanielBochner

Developing and delivering systematic hockey. DanielBochner has development models applicable to players, coaches, teams and hockey organizations. Also based out of Toronto Ontario, Universal Hockey Academy of Excellence goes a step beyond with a camp curriculum involving on ice development, mind gym (sport vision training), and Hockey Yoga to cover all the bases. This exceptional page has great content including instructional videos, creative drills, speed and agility training, and puck work. Daniel's attention to detail with skating and edge work has created some incredible changes in players speed and agility. St. Louis Blues player Vince Dunn says “Dan teaches the finer points of skating, and has made a huge impact on my overall performance”. Just this past week, 3 of his former players Declan Chisholm, Jack McBain, and Tyler Weiss were all drafted to the NHL. Follow to see more and grow your game. 

#2 : @ElevatedHockey

Run by Pete Kamman; USA Hockey Coach-in-Chief for Montana, Elevated Hockey is a great page for skill development. As an extension of his camps and clinics, the page is filled with hockey inspiration, video tutorials, and skill development tips. Clips of drills for skating and puck handling will leave you with some good ideas to take to your next practice. Whether you’re a goalie, centerman, defenseman, or just starting out; players of all levels can learn a thing or two from this page. Elevate your game by attending an upcoming skills training clinic. All instructors are USA Hockey coaching certified and come from Jr.A , NCAA, or Professional hockey backgrounds. Check out some upcoming events in Montana this summer, and make sure to follow the page to improve your performance. 

#1 : @HeyBarber / @PavelBarberTraining

Our favorite hockey page(s) are run by Pavel Barber, a stick-handling specialist with a deep passion for understanding the extreme details and movements behind the easiest, and trickiest moves in the game. Inspired by Pavel Datsyuk, his silky hands are a joy to watch, and his instructional videos can help just about anyone learn and conquer some incredible dekes to give an edge to their game. Barber is one of those coaches that clearly resonates with our Conquest message, as he says “ every time I got out there I knew I had the chance to get better at the game if I worked hard enough. The harder I worked, the better I got.” Pavel understands the importance of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. And just as we do here at Conquest, he looks at failures as opportunities to correct and become better. Whether it’s learning how to implement a toe drag correctly, or perfecting the most jaw dropping dekes, Pavel is the guy you need to be following to take your hands to the next level. Follow @HeyBarber and @PavelBarberTraining on Instagram and YouTube for awesome drills, tutorials, and ideas to succeed.

Keep an eye out for the Pavel Barber Hockey School coming to a city near you, with camps in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Chicago, Minnesota, and St. Louis this summer. 


Look forward to more great content coming your way to help take your game to the next level. 


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