Joel Quenneville fired from the Chicago Blackhawks

A big surprise today, when the Hawks announced that Joel Quenneville was fired this morning leaving everyone wondering why. It was unexpected, and definitely undeserved, as Quenneville was in his 11th season as the Blackhawks head coach. He had won three Stanley Cups in Chicago. 

After missing the playoffs last year it can be assumed that management looks at a team like Toronto and has ideas of a rebuild in the coming years. Without playoff games the profits come to an abrupt halt at the end of the regular season. It can't be ignored that top players like Toews who raked in $10.5 million last year only put up 52 points. That's a lot of coin to be going out for average results when a team doesn't make the playoffs. The squad has depth but just hasn't been able to produce. Is a coaching change the right answer, or do the superstars and goaltenders need to step their game up to compete. Who could possibly fill the shoes of Quenneville..

Jeremy Colliton, just 33 and now the youngest head coach in the NHL, was named as the Hawks new head honcho. With an average start to the season, it's hard to see how a coaching change will stir the pot enough to get the boys going in the dressing room. There's always more than meets the eye, so who knows what's been going on behind closed doors. 

All we know is that if Quenneville wants to coach, there's plenty of teams that will want him and rightfully so. After John Stevens was let go last week from the Kings, you can't help but wonder if we'll see Quenneville our in Cali anytime soon. Only time will tell.

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