Covid-19: Who are you choosing to be?

Lots of people have let themselves off the hook right now because they don't have to go to work. For a majority of the population it seems as though this quarantine has been an excuse to kick back and do nothing. There's going to be two groups of people who come out of this.

1) Group one is eating garbage, sitting around doing nothing, boozing on the regular and using this as a mini vacation. When this ends they're going to be worse off and filled with regret about how they didn't utilize this opportunity to get better. If you're a person who isn't concerned with personal growth, is happy where they are and DO see this is an excuse to do nothing, that's fine. It's whatever makes you happy. Odds are if you support Conquest and have ended up on this mailing list you're not one of those people. 

2) Group two will have used this time to grow, learn a new skill, get in better shape, eat better, push through mental toughness, continue to work hard at their job, business, family, relationships, and ultimately be AHEAD of where they were 2 months ago. 

Mental toughness during this time means winning every single day of this pandemic. You have to stay productive. You are literally being FORCED to stay home. All those times you said you were "too busy", or "didn't have enough time" to do those things you told yourself you would have now become irrelevent excuses. Now you have all the time in the world, so if you aren't getting those things done now then maybe it wasn't that you were too busy or didn't have enough time. Maybe, it was you, and your inability to take action when you didn't feel like it. 

You still have to wake up everyday and think about what kind of life you want for yourself, and what goals you've set for yourself and your family. Lots of people have let themselves off the hook right now.. Are you the person who's doing nothing, or are you the person who's still dreaming, still focused, still working, and using this as a chance to be better and separate yourself from everybody else. If you want to be a winner this is the only way to think. 


If there's one thing for you to take away from this email it's this: 

The key to success doesn't change just because we're in a pandemic. Completing critical tasks leads to the happiness, fulfillment and success that's going to contribute to your confidence, which in turn is going to make you more mentally tough. Want to be happier? Do the things you said you were going to do. You have to follow through on your own promises or you WILL be miserable. That's a fact. 

If you haven't done what you know you should have for the last few months, you can still make a change. Identity that, and start today. Make a change TODAY. Not next Monday, or after the weekend or whatever other excuse you'll make to put things off. Do it now. I promise if you complete your daily tasks, and follow through on promises you made to yourself you will become a completely different person mentally and physically. 

Let's get after it together. #PlayToWinMovement.

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