20 Things to Live By

20 things from our Statement of Belief that are necessary to live your best life:
  1. Play to win. Nobody remembers second place.
  2. No participation medals. You either win or lose, but you should learn from both.
  3. Losing is the most crucial element to winning.
  4. Be willing to suck at first.
  5. Help those in need.
  6. Be a leader.
  7. Always be honest.
  8. Pick people up when they’re down.
  9. Set unrealistic goals. Nobody ever achieved greatness by setting attainable goals.
  10. Admit when you’re wrong. Be willing to listen and learn.
  11. Never let someone tell you you can’t do something.
  12. Sweat every single day and drink water.
  13. Hold the damn door for people.
  14. Discipline = Happiness.
  15. How you do the little things says everything about how you’ll do the big ones.
  16. Compliment people. Be the person that pumps other people up.
  17. Listen, then listen some more, and then ask strategic questions.
  18. Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle it.
  19. Confidence is earned. You need to follow through on what you told YOURSELF you were going to do.
  20. Quitting is easy. That’s why 99% of people don’t make it. Never Quit.


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